Alex Head is the bisexual bilingual dual national white male of two mothers two fathers two brothers and two sisters. He is the founder of sub_ʇxǝʇ radio and author of Here Comes Trouble an Inquiry into Art Magic & Madness as Deviant Knowledge, published May 2016. His second book Ricochet - Cultural Epigenetics and the Philosophy of Change, will be published on Ljå Forlag, Oslo, in 2021.

As a practicing artist he has been interested in creating non-hierarchical networks of artists, researchers and citizens. His work facilitates meetings between artists and non-artists within the communities and micro-communities that populate the artist's working environment. His work often involves people, discussion and the translation of bodies of research into public events, eradio broadcasts or print.

Head studied a Bachelors of Arts in Sculpture & Environmental Art at The Glasgow School of Art (2007). He attained a first degree Masters in Raumstrategien (Spatial Strategies), focussing on Fine Art and Political Theory, at Weißensee School of Art, Berlin.

Head is Co-Founder of Wasteland Twinning Network, a transdisciplinary network for parallel research into urban wastelands.

Between its inception in 2012 until 2020 he worked at ZK/U - Zentrum für Kunst & Urbanistik, Berlin-Moabit, as resident-artist to realise a broad range of public engagement projects, facilitating the engagement between the ZK/U team and local communities including bee keepers; software programers; actors; dj’s; social workers and practitioners; technology, anti-racist and anti-gentrification activists; sound artists; critical thinkers and many of the international artists in residence themselves.

Head’s first book Here Comes Trouble… is currently awaiting its first translation into Norwegian. It is stocked by book stores around the globe including the Carpenter Centre for the Arts, Harvard University, and is distributed globally by Donlon Books, Vice Versa Art Books and Motto Distribution.

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 Image: Adi Priyantna