Proposal for WASTELAND SCULPTURE PARK, Beth Bramich, 2013
Site description - The Köpi Brache, Berlin

The land is situated between Köpenicker Straße and the river Spree and is boxed in between a demolition and re-development site (previously the North German ice factory AG) and the Verdi (Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft Bundesvorstand, Independent trade Union) office building.
It has a varied topography and overgrowth, littered with a mixture of dumped and drifting materials. A large section of the land closest to a studio building is covered with concrete that were the former foundations of built structures. A section of the land closest to the river is covered with imported sand (which in the past was perhaps a feature of a beach bar).
There is a built platform and railing which is often used by people to view the river, in contrast to the rest of the wasteland this area feels more designed. In the summer the site is viewed by passing tourist tour boats on an 2/3 hourly basis in the daytime. The land is primarily frequented by dog walkers and local residents and has shown a significant increase of activity in 2013.

Project Outline

The interactive artwork Clock designed to convey a sense of the layered, multiple temporalities of the Köpi site.
It is comprised of six non-numeric means of measuring time that have been developed through direct observation of the Köpi Brache and its habits.
The word clock is given in the slang sense of 'to clock some-one or some-thing', to see or to become aware of. Each of the following six means of measurement can of course be carried out numerically – through rates of growth/decay, by date and pattern of occurrence or by measuring speed/duration. However in order to appreciate the possibility of a non-numeric clock we must first be able to consider the concurrent existence of multiple (often contradictory) temporalities within the same moment.

These six devices are akin to the cogs, hands and markings of which a normal clock comprises. Each is sourced from or is a part of the site and its surroundings.

1. Barbed Wire Intertwined with Plant Growth
2. Fire
3. Vegetables
4. Cerebus - Guard Dog to the Underworld
5. Skeletal Structure of Former Advertising Board
6. The Former Ice Factory

Clock asks the viewer to consider each of these temporalities as concurrent experiences within the site, drawing the linear organization of time into question, while signalling different bodies of research drawn from the Wasteland Twinning Network.

Viewing the Work

A facilitator will present the six component parts of the work to viewers each day between the hours of 09.00 - 17.00 for the duration of one week. Parts 1-3 are displayed for the viewer in the vicinity of the facilitator on-site. Parts 4-6 are located within the site itself. A Measurement Key with a description of each means of measurement is also made available as part of a printed programme. Where care over the presentation of each component part is required the artist will provide adequate framing/presentation of material ensuring each elements safely. Organic material will not be replaced once sourced and presented, allowed instead to decay for the duration of the work.