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Thursday CET 10.00-11.00am: Seven weeks of broadcasting with Sybella Perry, Markus Stein, Gabriel Birch, Anna Kostreva and Nathan Gray

For 7 weeks sub_ʇxǝʇ on 199 radio brings you selected sounds, comment and reflection on the current status of the river island Adata, supported by the European Capital of Culture 2019: Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Between May and July 2018 sub_ʇxǝʇ on 199 Radio broadcast 7 radio shows working with 5 invited guests and members of the ADATA AiR residency outside of my own team.

For a broader analysis of the ADATA AiR residency visit:

The last programme in the series loops back to the first, in a sense, creating an island.

In week one Sybella Perry delivered Resident Receiver which lays a foundational sonic landscape of the island both internally and physically.

24/05/18 - sub_ʇxǝʇ ADATA AiR series presents: Resident Receiver with Sybella Perry
The artist and radio producer meets the abandoned river island first hand bringing new perspectives and sounds of her own to this complex environment.
The work ends off in a spiritual tone that leads the way to the following show, In Praise of Gratitude.


31/05/18 - sub_ʇxǝʇ ADATA AiR series presents: In Praise Of Gratitude -to- Simon, Father, Tutor. A ten-minute mix down of the show with material from GRUNERT on his 2007 album Construction Kit, partially recorded in NYC where we met in 2005, a heavy dub of Anna Kostreva singing by sub_ʇxǝʇ regular Nathan Gray and the sounds of the "Estonia" mine in Northeast Estonia.

Many Thanks All

*Editors note: you will notice that the song requested is cut a little short, this is due to the copyright bots that stalk soundcloud with potentially damaging consequences!


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Markus Stein/DIY Church brought a new perspective to the scene driven by the other residents on the programme. This led to inviting special guests Martin Zaiček, Sophie Innmann and Stephan Wäldele to be interviewed at the island-studio set up on Adata by Sybella and I in the first weeks.

07/06/18 - sub_ʇxǝʇ ADATA AiR series presents: CYRILLIC SHORTWAVE with DIY Church

We dedicate this show to the monks Cyril and Methodius, believed to have been the initial creators of the Cyrillic script during the first Bulgarian Empire in the 9th Century AD. And we dedicate this show to miscommunications all around the world, and to listening twice.

This week sub_ʇxǝʇ and diy church radio have worked together with others from the ADATA AiR residency and the Adata Island itself to bring you a series of joyful incoherences, linguistic slippages and de-tuned frequencies of labour and nomadism with the post 89’ educative landscape.

Including material from our OPEN RADIO STUDIO during the Kapana Festival last weekend and an interview with the owner of CU29 GalleryVelizar Dimchev that hosted our temporary studio. We also speak with special guests Stephan Wäldele aka ZIPSONIC and Sophie Innmann.

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Each practitioner has responded in a totally different way to the situation of the Adata, and have placed emphasis on different aspects of the site’s history, its politics, materiality and sound.

14/06/2018 - sub_ʇxǝʇ ADATA AiR series presents: CYRILLIC SHORTWAVE II featuring Martin Zaiček & Beats von Tim Laing

Rather than miscommunication, this weeks show celebrates the sharing of knowledge, in particular urban studies and architectural histories across political and ideological constructions.

Recorded on the Adata Island with special guest Martin Zaiček and material from Sybella Perry, Markus Stein and Alex Head. Additional music from Tim Laing.


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As each show aired they were often built on, consciously. In a sense then, the self-awareness, or maybe just the scale of awareness, of the series increases, broadly speaking, over the 7 shows.

By the 5th show there is already a suggestion of the central relationship between the island and the architecture of the city. One can say that this comes at least in part from the observation of Martin Zaiček that the peripheral wall of the Adata is actually structurally there to protect the bridge itself - rather than create a nature reserve or public park per se.

Gabriel Birch sought to detail the island through surveying. Constructing and engendering his experiences there with an assault of exploratative tools such as reading, conversation, siting a sculpture of his own and heavily working recorded material.

21/06/18 - sub_ʇxǝʇ ADATA AiR series presents: Adata After the Wall with Gabriel Birch

This week sub_ʇxǝʇ has been exploring the Adata with visual artist Gabriel Birch. Gabriel’s stay has added multiple new layers to my understanding of the adata. And not only conceptually. You can hear it. Something at the base of the island has ruptured leaking a sinister foreshadowing of shopping malls and concrete car parks. How many new layers will it take to forge an institution out of the Adata?

Is it already too late?
Including material from Nocturne 14 nights (Athens 2017) - Sound Piece from Second Skin at Caustic Coastal, in collaboration with Dean Brierley on piano. Construction of The Lost Monument, placed on Adata 2018, Gabriel Birch in conversation with Anna Kostreva. Readings from Utopia Deferred Jean Baudrilard and readings from The Last Days of New Paris, China Melville


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28/06/18 - sub_ʇxǝʇ ADATA AiR series presents: Knowledge Production with an American Accent with artist, architect and urban researcher Anna Kostreva.  In this weeks show, Kostreva explores architectural poiesis (using immaterial poetic encounter to bring something into existence) as a mode of non-commercial spatial practice. Tune in to hear her untangle the spatial configurations of the Adata Island while dipping into the complexities of communication, expectation, and the urban imaginary.

+ dialogue with Gabriel Birch, Alex Head and Virginia Woolf!


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Echoing and looping with Sybella Perry’s work above, employing field recording, the concluding show in the series is Nathan Gray’s Glissando Of Acceleration.

Echoing and looping with Sybella Perry’s work above, employing field recording, the concluding show in the series is Nathan Gray’s Glissando Of Acceleration. Surprisingly vivid and at the same time ominously resonant Nathan sets the series in motion to repeat with the rotation of tires and treads that may well be our species niche in the global sonic spectrum.

05/07/18 - sub_ʇxǝʇ ADATA AiR series presents: Glissando of Acceleration with Nathan Gray

In the concluding episode of the ADATA AiR series Nathan Gray offers a sobering reflection on the global soundscape in relationship to traffic and the biosphere.

Faced with the seemingly contradictory problem of sonically mapping an environment subsumed with the sound of cars, Glissando of Acceleration proposes to take an in depth look at traffic noise applying some of the techniques of field recording back onto the traffic noises that it began as a reaction against.

Engine noise is at its most noticeable when accelerating creating an upward sliding pitch: a glissando. As we move faster and faster into the Anthropocene this glissando might provide a metaphor for sonically thinking through the issue of traffic noise.
Series Artwork: Alex Head/Nabil Sami