Alexa Goes to Jail - SUARA SUARA - Jakarta History Museum, Jakarta, Indonesia May-June - 2019

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Image: Adi Priyanta


Alexa Goes to Jail - Anna Kostreva, Alex Head

Alexa is a computer programme designed by Amazon to relay information from the internet into our lives. Anything you ask or demand after saying “Alexa” is recorded by Amazon.

Alexa is in jail. Technology sold by the worlds wealthiest person has been imprisoned in the jail of the worlds first transnational corporation. This artwork aims to question the role of the digital technologies that harvest our data in what is known as surveillance capitalism.      

Listen to recorded outcomes from the work here
The artists would like to thank ifa Gallery Berlin, Rujak Center for Urban Studies, Jakarta, Jakarta History Museum, Tia Salina, Hannah Ekin, Irwan Ahmett and Jorgen Doyle for making this work possible.