Blood From A Stone | Sonja Hornung | NTS Live
Investigating enclosure, hoaxes and the IMF through two Eastern European wastelands

Alex Head and Sonja Hornung of the Wasteland Twinning Network spent some time dallying around two urban wastelands: an island in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and a space neighbouring a textiles factory in Bucharest, Romania. In this show, we investigate processes of enclosure - of turning urban land, women's labour and the body into machines of profit. As the work twists and turns each aspect of the hoax reveals that such machines invariably crash and burn. 
All that is concrete will crumble into dust. Wastelands of the world, unite!
More on Sonja Hornung’s work in Bucharest, together with Larisa Crunţeanu:
Interview between Alex and the European Capital of Culture, Plovdiv, 2019:
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Samples and inspiration in a (fairly) chronological order: Hildegard Von Bingen, an exert from J. G. Ballard, Self on Ballard, 2009, π, Darren Aronofsky,, musical improvisation using a Mabira thumb piano from Sierra Leone, music from Raze de Soare - Vis Împlinit, David Bowie, Aladdin Sane, then a remix of the work A-da-ta, from The Adata Files, 2016, more music from SHINICHI ATOBE, Without Makeup and the Soul Jazz Orchestra. The final sample is a recording made at Steilneset Memorial in Vardø, Norway.