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Burn Out - 7th July 2015 by Nts Radio on Mixcloud

Burn Out, Precarious Labour in the Culture Industry of the Early 21st Century
Revolutionary consciousness has often been conceptualised as having two crucial dimensions: the material and the historical; the head and hands.
Following a broad shift toward cognitive, managerial forms of labour within the late 20th Century, toward forms of labour no-longer tied to the apparent parameters of class and production, of what use are the grand theories of political economy to today's working classes? 
BURN OUT explores conceptual, musical, sci-fi and artistic reflections on the very idea of work including a collaborative dimension with artists Alice Creischer and Andreas Siekmann and the artwork Without Lyrics by Rebecca Wilcox.  
BURN OUT examines the authors own relationship to differing forms of labour and resistance to the logic of both 24 hour globalised production and the fetishisation that this condition has been known to receive within the arts. From the detached, ironic artisté to the hip hop infused mouthpiece of Amercian cultural imperialism, this is a work that attempts to provoke thought through its discussion and action through enactment. 
Stay tuned afterwords for Charlie Bones' Do!! You!!! breakfast show with rumours of some startling revelations around the pornography scandal currently sweeping through the House of Lords, London. 
The programme has been realised with the labour of John Barker, Pedro Victor Brandão, Alice Creischer, Ronald Harper, Stefan Heidenreich, Sonja Hornung, Sven Lütticken, Fergus McDonald, The Mädels, Robert Neden, Ragazzi, Paul Ramshaw, Romano, Andreas Siekmann, Hal Strewe, Gabrielle de Vietri and Rebecca Wilcox. A full track list and the the details of each contributor will follow the broadcast. 
Programme Artwork: Sonja Hornung
Mixed and Produced by DISKOHERENT
"On Wednesday, however, those working on the trading floor were left helpless when the computer systems at the exchange went down for nearly four hours in the middle of the day, bringing an icon of capitalism’s ceaseless energy to a costly halt."
- New York Times:
Traders wait on a nearly empty floor at the New York Stock Exchange during the shutdown. 
Credit Spencer Platt/Getty Images North America