Rough, pervasive, dogged land. Alex Head documents a process of European-wide research and artistic intervention into the contested territory of three urban wastelands.

Itself generated from a collaborative process the piece draws on the diverse knowledges of a transdisciplinary network to reveal differing and often frustrated strategies of collaboration and offline resistance to privatisation.

In documenting and discussing Recreation Ground’s central artistic intervention Artist’s Impression, Dogged Lands explores the meaning of participatory art within the age of global surveillance. How or where can work, let alone art occur at a time when participation within the global surveillance network is no longer an option, but the very condition of new knowledge creation?

Using a blend of interview, experimental music and narration (Head plays the voice of the often critical Wasteland itself), the essay pursues a series of entangled threads stemming from artistic research, squatter culture and activism as they weave together to form a textured audioscape.