Characterised by d.i.y production, sampling, distribution, self-made merchandise and promotion, in five short movies we look at the way live music bleeds into Constructing Urban Identities. How are claims to the city made around cultural movements that break taboos of homosexuality in Hip Hop, black working class artists in the mainstream and other barriers to cultural prestige? From the Bounce Hip Hop an underground scene in New Orleans, the Grime scene in London, to ‘pink punk’ we explore multiple genders and demographics ‘under one roof’. 19.05.2017

With great thanks to Abteen Bagheri, Evan Ifekoya, David Sakover for their work, Jan Van Esch and Speisekino Moabit


That B.E.A.T - Abteen Bagheri
Sonic Hybridity - East London (with Akinola Davies Jr.)
Evan Ifekoya - Disco Breakdown
Terre Thaemlitz aka Dj Sprinkles
Black Fag - arte




BATIK BOOKS at ZK/U Gütermarkt

A series of themed book stands at ZK/U Gütermarkt exploring deviant knowledge production.

BATIK BOOKS at ZK/U Gütermarkt
Dates for 2017: Sunday 02/07, 06/08, 03/09, 01/10 | 14.00 - 17.00
Siemensstraße 27
10551 Berlin

batik books_800.jpg





Undertaken by the Working Group Schuldkröten Syndikat
2014 - 2015

The Schuldkröten Syndikat were a collective of artists, activists, designers and urban researchers concerned with the theme of debt within contemporary society. The Syndikat was born from discussions and partnership with the ZK/U (Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik) Gütermarkt. 



As part of the Gütermarkt project at the centre of art and urbanism Lia Bergaue, Alex Head, Jolanda Todt & Rafael Polo are exploring the early stages of setting up a timebank - Zeitbank - creating an initial network of users from the services and products available at the Gütermarkt.
A time bank is a system of currency where the unit of exchange is the person-hour. In these systems, one person volunteers to work for an hour for another person; thus, they are credited with one hour, which they can redeem for an hour of service from another volunteer.
Zeitbank can been seen as the complementary opposite to the Gütermarkt. We are looking for ways to explore that which is opposite to the market: not products, offers and services - but the desires, needs and requests of those who attend and populate the Gütermarkt.
An analysis of the Zeitbank project can be found in my work Here Comes Trouble, An Inquiry into Art, Magic & Madness as Deviant Knowledge


ZEITLOTTO gives you the chance to win other peoples skills and time. Simply make a request such as translation, car washing or what ever you need! Then make the ZEITLOTTO an offer - what skill or service are you offering to buy your way into the game? The Winner will be announced live on d.i.y Church radio at the next Gütermarkt, Sunday 21.12 2014 - between 16.00 - 17.00!!!


The lucky winners of the Zeitlotto were announced live on the D.I.Y Church Radio - listen here: 

We look forward to speaking to you again Soraya, Henri, Thoresten and David! Remember, those of your meeting the requests of the winner win an equal amount of time (in credit form) from the coming timebank. 

Zeitlotto Prize Draw Images: Anne Dersen - thank you!  







Von Kino Zum Kasino Project

Moabit's Gambling Tattoo Parlour
All Bets Considered

Join us to place your bets as part of ZK/U Fußballa balla alternative world cup season 

What better way to record the bond between you and your team than a tat? Dream of Moabit's golden cinema years while spinning the wheel of your future. Bet with friends or the Kasino to win unique body artwork or tattooing rights over another person's body.

Through a canny mix of market speculation and personalised insignia the tattoo parlour will explore the problem of belonging. At the heart of a recurrent debate around the accelerated state and private advances upon the city's innards, the Kasino gyrates with each of us, entangled in the stomach of the predators.    

The Kasino accepts wagers and bets evaluated by the location and size of the proposed tattoo. We currently trade in tattoos only however informal and alternative currencies may be employed and combined during bets between customers. The Kasino may later move into alternative forms of trade as it seeks to understand the potential of alternative, crypto, and skills-based currencies in the critique of the more formalised (yet abstracted) money-form. 





The youth theatre group Jungend Theatra Büro(JTB)/Grenzen Los! Initiative, 2012

The Objective Dialogues project emerged from a collaboration between two interdisciplinary collectives - Wasteland Twinning Network and The Anxious Prop. The project focuses on different subjects of inquiry through collective investigation. Since its inauguration Head has been central to developing the project with the JTB, Berlin-Moabit. 

Objective Dialogues at Wasteland Twinning Network Forum

Throughout 2013 Objective Dialogues has been engaged in an extended exploration of Berlin-Moabit, partly facilitated by our work with the Grenzen Los! / JTB theatre group based in the district. The JTB are centrally concerned with anti-racism and anti-islamaphobia in contemporary Germany. In 2013 a central piece produced by the company - run primarily by youths - dramatises the current conflicts around race, asylum and multicultural Europe against the turbulent political fever of 1930's Berlin.

Objective Dialogues Workshop at ZK:U Image Alex Head01.jpg
Activity at ZK/U, Berlin-Moabit, 2013

Invited to accompany the JTB company within this years FESTIWALLA theatre festival we sought to re-design the Objective Dialogues Y-Table as a form of 'theatrical machine'. Driven by character-objects the short stories written by a public between the ages of 4 - 60yrs were worked into improvised theatre by the JTB cast before being performed at the close of each day.

The public were offered factual data concerning a selection of historical characters from Berlin-Moabit including Rosa Luxumburg, once interned in the Moabit prison and murdered in the nearby Tiergarten park, the model and international heart throb Uschi Obermaier, and Sunny and Rico of Moabit Vice a local inversion of Miami Vice. Other Moabitian members of the cast we assembled in the form of assorted objects include the radical Red priest Gunther Dehn, the art collective KUNSTrePUBLIK and the famous Brothers Sass bank thieves known for introducing the welders torch to the bankers safe in the 1930's.

As a means to activate these theatrical / art / pedagogic objects, a series of locations were selected from Moabit accompanied by a series of verbs. On photographing a chosen object the pubic activated a slot-machine projection of three split images in the manner of rolling slot machine icons: the first image gave the user a verb, the second displayed the selected object and the third section presented a location within Moabit from which to develop the narrative. These elements were brought together in a print-out designed with enough blank space for users to type their re-worked historical piece using an original 1930's issue Adler typewriter.


Shots from Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

Objective Dialogues is a collaborative project steered by Alex Head, Miodrag KučJan Bovelet and Patrick Kochlick







Wasteland Twinning Network Forum, September, 2012

Wasteland Twinning Network (WTN) hijacks the concept of ‘City Twinning’ and applies it to urban wastelands in order to generate a network for parallel research and action.
The Wasteland Twinning Network Forum brought together the international project partners of the Wasteland Twinning Network from across Europe, Asia, USA and Australia.
Hosted at the ZK/U – Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik in Berlin, the Forum featured presentations, guest speakers, critical debates, Twinning Ceremonies, wasteland interventions and workshops.

The Forum brought together the project partners of the Wasteland Twinning Network from Europe, Asia, USA and Australia to present, reflect and contribute to a wide discussion concerning the potential and responsibility of engaging in temporary use projects and research within the fabric of urban society.

As the inaugural event of the ZK/U, the Wasteland Twinning Network Forum made use of the clean slate offered by the venues exposed architecture. The main hall was approached as a seminar arena and gallery space that was utilised to host presentations, discussions artworks.