Transition Finsbury ParkĀ 

The Transition Town movement aims to facilitate the transition from
high to low carbon societies

Between 2009 - 2012 Head became increasingly active within the transition towns community of Finsbury Park, North London. In close collaboration with Jamie Mayer, Jo Homan and the transition network, a series of talks, workshops, screenings and exhibitions sought to promote a discourse around re-localisation and bottom-up sustainability within Finsbury Park.

In 2010 Head curated and organised Well Oiled Festival. Well Oiled Festival emerged from a specific engagement with voluntary community groups around a final outcome. The content and the identity of the project as a whole was facilitated in coordination with Transition Finsbury Park. The Transition group and others have adopted and evolved Well Oiled Festival as a regular event that brings together a diverse cross-section of the local community reflecting the initial aims of the project.

During his work for the Transition Towns Network Head contributed a flag design to the conference Confronting Change: Peak Oil and the Big Society, at the South Bank Centre, London. Speakers for the event included Pollly Higgins, barrister and international environmental lawyer, Rob Hopkins, co-founder of the Transition Towns Movement and Michael Meacher MP, former Minister for the Environment under Tony Blair.