Unequal Instrument
Open Form neu denken 25-27 October - 2019

Haus der statistik-Alex-ph-Gabbo-47.jpg

Images: Gabriel Vallecillo Marquez

Unequal Instrument

This work documents repetitive commonalities and unplanned frequencies within the Open Form conference. Mobile telephones were kindly borrowed from the public and placed in an isolation tank for long form recordings. These recordings picked up the cycle of push notifications sent to each device while the conference was in play.
In addition a mobile microphone and beaded sound curtain was placed above the door to the communal bathrooms.

The work was an attempt to distinguish between the background over-production of data and legitimate, meaningful rhythms.
Asking: how can openness serve us at a time when we are more vulnerable to ideology, more afraid of the future and less and less connected to the reality of our own socio-bodily rhythms?


Live performance of Unequal Instrument using recordings and sound furniture placed within the space by the artist:

The artist would like to thank ZK/U - Center for Art and Urbanistics (Berlin, DE) and MOM - Museum of Housing Estates (Lublin, PL)