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A platform for research, discussion and knowledge production. The subtext is the implicit meaning 
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A platform for research, discussion and knowledge production.
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sʇɥᴉs sǝɹᴉǝs //one// contains work approaching online civil rights, race, memory and the far right, critical urbanism, science plus fiction, you are now be listening to new compositions across the sub_ʇxǝʇ platform


Ǝvangelists speak of the word, the press and the hypertext. Simplification has always been a blessing and a struggle.
since bnɐuʇnɯ analysis began to imply 'conscious matter', the encounter between scientific and spiritual philosophies has produced a battleground, tnorf eht line of which is global.
In globality or ‘total globalisation’ markets produce what Ntone Edjabe and Edgar Pieterse highlight as a simultaneity of,

...conflict and cooperation, complicity and duplicity, cohesion and instability, (creating) a profound sense of entanglement and the desire for escape.

-African Cities Reader II: Mobility and Fixtures, 2011


 Confederate Statue Take DownsRaceMemory

In the shadow of United States Confederate Statue takedowns Alex Head & Nina Prader excavate underlying tensions entwined with a delicate and nuanced problem: Assembling America.
The scars of the racial discrimination in America have yet and may never heal. It is their presence in the face of historical erasure that must be witnessed.





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┴oday the spread and scale of textual information over the planet creates limitless streams of implicit and opaque meanings.

he more I encounter the Other the more is communicated.

or better or worse the more one comprehends the less one understands.

فانتشار ونطاق المعلومات
النصية على كوكب الأرض يخلق تيارات لا حدود لها من المعاني الضمنية والمعتمة. وكلما واجهت الآخر يتم إبلاغ أكثر. لأفضل أو أسوأ أكثر واحد يفهم أقل واحد يفهم.


A special journey into CONTAINERS II.

Lauri Anderson - Blue Lagoon

White Line Theory - Narrated by Nicholas Mortimer - 
[Music: Stars of the Lid-Virginia mixed to Mitchell Akiyama - Palindrone.1]

Snawklor - (various variations)

Stars of the Lid - Atomium

Antikyther - Narrated by Nathan Grey

Surfacing - Melancholy Of Fulfillment

Field Recordings - Alex Head

Lee Ranaldo - Ambient Loop for Vancouver

Snawklor - (various variations)

Celestial Chat Bots Chat - N.Mortimer / C. Monleon / A Vikhornova (C>A>N)

Surfacing - Her Smoke rose up....

Interview with Rebeldia - A. Head / Veena / N.Mortimer / Rebeldia

Labradford - Texas

Snawklor - (various variations)

Field Recordings - Alex Head

Cluster & Eno - Paris, November 1977

Snawklor - (various variations)

Ballad of the Ops Ruin - N Mortimer - 
[Feat. Jermain Jackson Castles made of sand]



sub_ʇxǝʇ presents Nathan Gray's inner and outer narratives of the containerized world ...with work from Anna Kostreva + Alex Head, field recordings from d.i.y church radio, the bent logic of Snawklor...and guest Surfacing!



Alex Head
Fehmarner Str. 23,
13353 Berlin

00 49(0) 176 72295874
sub_ʇxǝʇ @subx6


sub_Ʇxǝʇ presents Lisa Giddeonson DV I'm Drifting Westhafen, DJ Willie One Time What I Know About Music Vol.2

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sub_ʇxǝʇ series one images: massive thanx/Nabil Sami









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sub_ʇxǝʇ VS d.i.y church
199 Radio VS Ständige Vertretung!

Time Travel and Intergenerational Communication. The long standing Berlin radio mastermind d.i.y church joins sub_ʇxǝʇ for its premier FM broadcast from the Ständige Vertretung to the ZK/U (Centre for Art and Urbanistic)



ǝɹoW coming soon,

THANK ∩O⅄ Anna Kostreva, Marcus @diychurch, Catherine Ryan!!, Nathan, Nick, Nabil, ZK/U Ständige Vertretung!!, Mio + + +, STUDIO 1, everyone who lent us their voices, to NINA P, Freddie @199radio, Joe, Simon, Willie One Time, Albinas on the Organ in New Orleans, Robotham, everyone at BEHALA Westhafen, thanx to Lisa Giddeonson, to Edna and Joseph and Ahmed and Klub Al Hakawati, to Veronica and last but not least to Philip for letting me hang out on his ʇǝǝʍs 108 FM frequency mast

A new take on Wasteland Twinning’s 2014 work DOGGED LANDS:

What are the relationships beginning to emerge between data activism and wastelands?

Listen back and join the debate.

Also featuring New Work developed in Berlin Glossary Seminar: Anna Kostreva/Rubén Jódar, 
Humbolt University, Berlin, 24th May

Full references at…dio-archived/



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"Acting Upon Violence" Live Studio Show

Join us to take stock of the world, assess whether violence is in a global decline, and hear an exclusive extract from Sybella Perry and Wassan Ali’s research into the current NSU criminal case into the murder of Halit Yozgat - the 9th murder of National Socialist Underground.



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sub_ʇxǝʇ presents 5 years of audio work from pɐǝH xǝl∀

Alex Head's set includes commissions for Wasteland Twinning Network, local groups and radio producers to the ZK/U such as Theatre X and the d.i.y Church Radio, international artists and writers such as Surfacing, Rebecca Wilcox, Nathan Gray, Neue Berliner Raüme and Nicholas Mortimer, all in a 5 channel mixdown that spans output on NTS and 199 Radio stations in London, Radio Orange in Vienna, Radio KUNCI, Indonesia, Deutschland Radio Kulture and d.i.y Church Radio Germany.



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